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2015B ZIP Codes released. More...

New Data Bundles available. More...

Updated Canadian FSA's now available. More...

AlignStar V6.02 released.

New: Europe 2-Digit Post Codes / NUTS Add-on. More...

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Updated International Map Sets Available for over 200 Countries. More...

Belgium Territories

Geocoding Services Available now in both the US and Canada. More...

Updated Demographic data now available - Over 18,000 variables for immediate delivery. More...

In the words of our clients...

arrow"My biggest struggle right now with AlignStar is that it is too easy to use. I have loaded (our) information to build a document and this took about 5 minutes. Way too short a time, scares me. No really, the product is excellent...  OUTSTANDING...!!!"   

arrow"This product is simply amazing!  Within 2 hours, AlignStar allowed me to accurately and equitably assign opportunity for our new segment. Without AlignStar, this task would have been practically impossible. We were so impressed with the product's ability to create equitable, contiguous territories that we decided to use it to first analyze and then redesign the entire territory layout."

arrow"I think that this program is great. I used (another product) and I know what it can do, but AlignStar can do all that and more, but a lot easier to operate." 

A small sampling of our Client Companies ...

ADT, Inc.
Alliance Bernstein
American Express
American Greetings
Ameriprise Financial
AmeriSource Bergen
Animas Corporation
Applied Systems, Inc.
Astellas Pharma
Axcan Pharma, Inc.
Azur Pharma, Inc.
Bankers Life
Baxter Healthcare
Berchtold Corporation
bioMerieux, Inc.
Booz Allen Hamilton
British Gas
Cadence Pharmaceuticals
Campbell Alliance
Caterpillar, Inc.
Ceco Building Systems
Centrix Pharma
Clean Harbors
Conmed Corporation
Coria Laboratories
Credit Acceptance Corporation
Dendreon Corporation
Dow Jones
Duro-Last Roofing, Inc.
DynaVox Systems
Eastman Kodak
Envision Radiology
Enzon Pharmaceuticals
Fidelity Investments
GAF Materials Corp.
Gas South, LLC
Genzyme Corporation
Gerber Coburn
Graceway Pharma
Healthpoint, LTD
ImClone Systems
Instrumentation Labs
Intuitive Surgical, Inc.
Inverness Medical
JT International, Inc.
Keystone Dental
Komatsu America, Inc.
Luxottica Group
Marcolin, USA
Medicure Pharma
Medrad, Inc.
Michelin Tire
Mitchell 1
Mohawk Finishing
Moore Medical, LLC
Myriad Genetics, Inc.
Nestle Nutrition
NEUROMetrix, Inc.
Ortho Dermatologics
Otsuka Pharma
Pamlab, LLC
PHH Mortgage
PMI Mortgage Insurance
Press Ganey
Professional Vet. Prods.
Promius Pharma
Publicis Selling Solutions
Purdue Pharma
Questcor Pharma, Inc.
Ricoh Corporation
Sanofi Pasteur
Seiko Corp.
Smiths Medical
Sulzer Pumps, Inc.
SumTotal Systems
Sunquest Information Systems
TA Instruments
Talecris Biotherapeutics
The Chamberlain Group
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Thomson Research and Guidance
Triax Pharmaceuticals
Tura L.P.
Valeant Pharmaceuticals
Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Welch Allyn, Inc.
Wells Fargo Advantage
Wolters Kluwer
Zywave, Inc.


Map, Optimize, Analyze, and Realign your Territories

AlignStar® is a software tool designed for businesses that need to map, optimize, analyze, align or realign their territories. It combines specialized features used in designing territories together with a database, mapping technology (GIS), reports, thematic analysis, drive time information, territory diagnostics, analysis and state of theSales Advantage art optimization algorithms. AlignStar is the most widely used territory optimization and alignment software on the market today. more...

How can territory alignment and optimization help me?

Sales territory alignment (or realignment) is a very underutilized, yet powerful sales force productivity tool. Most organizations overlook a significant opportunity to increase sales and profits by not aligning and balancing sales territories appropriately. In today’s competitive marketplace, companies cannot afford to have inefficiently designed territories.

Efficient territory design is the key to increased performance for two reasons:

  • Our experience tells us that in most companies, over 40% of all field sales reps have either too much work or too little work. This means that the sales resource is being wasted, since a field rep with too much work will not make all required calls and a field rep with too little work is being underutilized. In each case, the result is reduced productivity and sales revenue.
  • The average field sales rep spends approximately 20% of their time traveling. More efficient territory design results in less travel time which translates into more selling time. Even a small decrease in travel can result in large revenue increases.
  • In working with our clients for over 20 years we have found that the net result of more efficient territory design is an increase of 2-7% in sales. While this may seem like a small increase, when converted to dollars, the numbers are quite compelling. more...

    Managing your most valuable asset

    WIth over 26 years of experience in working with businesses that have field based territories, we have determined that more than 50% of all territories could benefit from a realignment. This includes territories that are too large or small, territories that are inefficiently designed, territories that have excessive travel, fragmented territories and various other problems. In many of these cases a territory realignment could easily yield a net increase of 2-7% in overall sales. AlignStar will provide you with the tools needed to evaluate your current territories and then benefit from the efficiencies of a territory optimization and realignment.

    A SalesAdvantage®

    Our clients have a unique sales advantage over their competitors because of their ability to find and react to problems quickly, conduct "what if" analysis on any data or geography, realign territories to address short and long term goals, evaluate performance of their field force, optimize their territories, minimize travel time, balance workload and more. All of this is achieved using readily available data together with software that you can learn how to use in one day. more...

    Your Territory Alignment Expert

    A thorough evaluation of your current territory alignment by our unique Territory Expert™ will provide you with a Report Card giving you direction on how and where you can improve your territories. Use the Suggested Rep Locations feature to compare "ideal" rep locations against your current field personnel. From here you can form an actionable realignment plan that establishes guidelines for the Optimizer.

    Optimizing your territories

    TTG's unique Optimizer uses innovative technology developed in our research labs and based on over 20 years of experience in territory design. Our technology uses built-in drive time data along with your company information to design balanced, compact, travel efficient territories that meet the goals you set. It even makes suggestions on ideal locations for your field reps. After getting a solution that you like, fine-tune it with the manual alignment tools. Finally, save the solution for review by your field management and the eventual rollout of your final alignment. more...

    Territory realignment saves travel time and improves efficiency of territory alignments

    Territory Realignment can effectively reduce travel time. A compact territory alignment can reduce travel time that could allow more efficent use of time by the salesperson. AlignStar can design compact and efficient territory designs as well as evaluate current territory layouts for efficiency.

    Why AlignStar ?

    AlignStar is the culmination of over 26 years of experience in sales territory design and optimization software. It is considered to be the "gold standard" of alignment software and has the largest market share of any product in its class. Created by a team of people that have designed and realigned territories for thousands of companies, AlignStar is unsurpassed in both ease of use and functionality. We recognize that the most powerful software in the world is of little or no value if it ends up collecting dust on a shelf. Why not maximize the return on your investment by getting software that you can actually use? more...

    AlignStar®, AlignStar Online®, SalesAdvantage® and BatchMap® are trademarks of TTG, Incorporated. All other products mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.

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